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Our suppliers are valued partners in the success of our business. These relationships could not have been developed and maintained without continued support and cooperation. Suppliers are selected on a competitive basis based on total value, which includes quality, service, technology and price.

This site allows your organization access to a library of information pertinent to the Materials Team at X-Rite PANTONE. For those suppliers involved with production material, it also provides you the opportunity to review your supplier rating. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the documentation within this site. It is important that you share any of this information with others in your organization that would benefit as well.

We encourage a team effort and ask that any issues you have with these documents be addressed with anyone in Materials. We are always in the process of updating and improving this site and hope you find it useful in your dealings with X-Rite PANTONE.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to a long and rewarding relationship between our companies.

Attention all X-Rite PANTONE suppliers
As part of our corporate social responsibility, X-Rite PANTONE has released our Global Product and Component Specification for the Environment (GPCSE). The GPCSE is a mandatory document that we require your signed acknowledgement. It inclusively contains all our environmental initiatives, and is not limited to REACH, EU RoHS or China RoHS. X-Rite PANTONE social and environmental responsibility continues to experience an ever growing demand, from our customers to divulge the substance content within our products.

If your company provides substances, materials, or articles used within our products or packaging, then we must have your signed acknowledgement within two weeks of this notice. Please review the actual documents at the following location, Within the document you will find copies of our agreement that you may sign and return. Regardless of your signed document we MUST HAVE evidence that your products supplied to us meet GPCSE, before we agree to use them in our production. I must stress that this is a mandatory corporate initiative and that future business is predicated on your timely reply. Please return your acknowledgement to your X-Rite PANTONE supply chain representative. They too will assist you in any questions you may have.

Any future revision changes to the GPCSE will continue to be posted on the site. We estimate one revision per year; however continue to review the supplier web site monthly for revision changed. This should be an existing practice for your organization since the supplier site contains your supplier performance information and X-Rite PANTONE specifications.

We thank you for your continued support.


John Swanson,
Purchasing Manager